UNDER CONTRACT – First round

Maple Valley

28488 238th Ave SE, Maple Valley

MLS# – 853791

After taking my awesome clients on tours of numerous properties, we found the one they absolutely loved!

We made an offer that day, and won the bid! Coming in below asking price!

I am always so excited to hear the surprise and happiness when I deliver that news. I love my job!

Congratulations to them and their family and thank you for trusting me to find your perfect forever home.

If these are the results you want with your next real estate transaction, call me.

I deliver results.

Erin Harold | Broker
Marketplace Sotheby’s Realty

16261 Redmond Way, Redmond WA



JUST SOLD – Ballard – Seattle, Washington USA

Under contract in 4 days
Sold over asking price with competitive offers
1723 NW 99th St, Seattle, Washington 98117 | United States


SOLD!  MLS# – 836411

Listed at $645,000
With competing offers, over asking price,this property went under contract in 4 days!

It closed early, and was a great success for both the buyer and the seller.

If these are the results you would like to see in your next property purchase or sale, then give me call. My only goal is to ensure my clients have exceptional results, in an effortless fashion.

That is what I provide.

The best part of my job is seeing my clients smile, when their dreams become their reality.

Extraordinary, Savvy, Results

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Erin Harold
BrokerMarketplace Sothebys International Realty
16261 Redmond Way
Redmond, Washington United States  98052erin.harold@sothebysrealty.com


Under Contract – Bellevue, Washington

King Purchase

MLS# – 852963

Congratulations to my amazing clients!

First round, winning bid and we knocked it out of the park!

This is what team work, exceptional preparation and great negotiating skills will provide.

A big win.

If these are the kind of results you would like to achieve with your next home purchase, I am your perfect agent.

Give me a call anytime.

Erin Harold | Broker
Marketplace Sotheby’s Realty

16261 Redmond Way, Redmond WA
C:206.326.8961 O:425.243.9000




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Aerial view of Apple Orchard

Clyde Hill Elementary

Chinook Middle School

Bellevue High School
Bellevue Skyline
Old Town Bellevue
Aerial view of Bellevue

MLS# 850318


Offered at: $725,000


Tucked away in the Apple Orchard area of Bellevue, Washington, this property is perfectly placed right in the heart of Bellevue. Imagine yourself living just a short walk to Clyde Hill elementary or Chinook Middle School. Also located within the boundary of the award winning Bellevue High School, this up and coming area rarely sees homes for sale and this one will not last. Just a short drive, and you are in the downtown district, enjoying its top notch shopping, dining and entertainment. Another few blocks, and you will be dazzled by Old Town Bellevue, offering its one of a kind boutiques and luscious upscale dining.

Surrounded on all sides by everything Bellevue is famous for, this property offers endless opportunities.

Start dreaming about your life here in Bellevue Let me help you make that a reality. 





Click on any of the photos is this newsletter to learn more about this listing, the town of Bellevue, its amazing schools, its unique neighborhoods and its famous marinas. 

Click on the link below to view a video of this listing and the amazing opportunity it brings you.

Living in Bellevue, Wa.

Erin Harold

Under Contract in 4 days!

A rare gem in Ballard – MLS# – 836411

1723 NW 99th St., Seattle, Washington 98117

With competing offers, over asking price, this property went under contract in 4 days!

If these are the results you would like to see in your next property sale, then give me call.

My only goal is to ensure my clients have exceptional results, in an effortless fashion.

That is what I provide.

The best part of my job, is seeing my clients smile when I deliver!

Extraordinary, Savvy, Result

Erin Harold

Marketplace Sothebys International Realty
16261 Redmond Way
Redmond, Washington United States  98052



Buyers are ravenous for your home!

money house

Do you own a house? Are you wondering if that house is worth selling? Let me tell you something, whatever the property you own, right now that property is made of nothing but money!

If you want proof of just how valuable that home of yours could be, lets discuss the current sellers market happening right now. For example, an 1100 Square foot home, in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, which was listed for sale at $559,000 just sold for $717,000, with a back up offer over $730,000! That is nearly $652 per square foot.

And, NO, that was not a typo. I did say 1100 square feet. This house I refer to, was not an out of the ordinary home people. It was an adorable, little, family stater home. Brick, standard, simple. It sold for nearly the same price per square foot that one would typically see in a luxury level, million dollar home.

Why you ask? Well let me tell you. Simply, the supply of available properties for sale, can not meet the demand of those who currently wish to buy. Therefore, when buyers want to buy, and there are not enough homes available for sale for those buyers, the competition to procure them becomes vivacious! Competitive offers will occur and the selling prices will escalate to well above the asking price. Most often that occurs with multiple offers, each one better than the offer before it. That my friends, means that house of yours is indeed made of money.

So, here is my advice. If you have even been remotely toying with the idea of selling your home, NOW IS THE TIME! And this years selling season has really not even begun, so lets sell that house! As a seller you could not be in a better position than right now to achieve a phenomenal success on that sale. Want to know what your house could sell for, I can show you that by providing you with a current market analysis of your property.

As a buyer in this hot, competitive market, it can be rough competition out there. You will need to ensure all of those ducks are in a very tidy row! Your financing will need to be in order, your inspections complete and ready to go, and you absolutely will need to have a broker capable of some fierce negotiating in order to succeed in outbidding your opponent! I have the resources to help you do all of these things.

If you are ready to sell, or buy, or know of someone who is thinking of either, I would be happy to help. Give me a call and let me help you achieve this kind of success on your next property transaction!

Erin Harold
International Real Estate Broker
C- 206.326.8961